Become A Parent

1 Pre Application Form

The Staff will review your application and determine your initial eligibility for the program. The family specialist will call you upon receiving the written application and discuss any questions or concerns you or Journeys of the Heart may have.

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2 Secondary Application

Once your initial application is approved, Journeys of the Heart will send you the secondary application to complete. In this application you will detail your preferences for a surrogate, the amount of contact you wish to have with the surrogate and the desires you have for your experience.

3 Phone Consultation

After your secondary application is received, Journeys of the Heart staff will set up a phone consultation to develop a personal relationship with you. We want you to feel informed and encouraged regarding your surrogacy decision. We will speak with you about the Journeys of the Heart surrogacy program, what to expect and how we are here to help you.

5 Psychological Evaluation & Medical Screening

You will have a psychological consultation and through your fertility clinic you will have medical screenings.

6 Create A Profile

Journeys of the Heart staff will help your family create an intended parent(s) profile for potential surrogates to view. These profiles are given to potential surrogates after you have reviewed their profiles and are interested in a match.

7 Match With A Surrogate

After your profile is created, Journeys of the Heart will send you profile(s) of potential surrogates in the program. We firmly believe that its important to have a shared vision of the surrogacy process to help ensure that it is a good match. Once you have selected a potential surrogate, Journeys of the Heart will give your profile to the potential surrogate. Should she also feel that it would be a good match, we will set up a meeting to confirm the match. Should Intended parents live outside of the area, we can set up a phone or skype consultation with the potential surrogate.

All of the Journeys of the Heart surrogates have passed our screening process prior to being shown to intended families. This includes an in-depth application process, home visit, background checks, psychological testing, medical examination, drug and infectious disease testing. If she has a partner, he will also receive psychological and medical testing.

This includes in-depth application process, background checks and a home visit.