Become A Parent


Looking for a surrogacy agency that is professionally staffed but with a heart for each and every person involved? Our team of an attorney, licensed clinical social worker and family specialist are ready to walk closely with you on this life-giving and joyous journey.
After two decades of helping build families through adoption, Journeys’ staff are now assisting surrogates and intended parents needing their services.
Journeys’ staff brings 20 years of experience in family building to assist you with expertise and caring. The support you will experience will make the difference between a good experience and an extraordinary experience, from the beginning through the birth. Besides the outcome of the birth of a child, we want to bring about the best possible match between the surrogate and the intended parents.
Journeys’ staff understand the emotions involved in this complex human situation and the staff strive to help all involved have a respectful and joyful experience, beginning with a good, solid match. Our reward is being part of the family building process and being part of the solution. The staff appreciates working with a diverse group of people and has done so for many years. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to start your incredible and unique journey.
Look through our website and call or e-mail us with any questions. We’re here to assist you.



Journeys’ acknowledges that the costs of building a family can be high and create a burden on families. Fees do vary among the surrogacy agencies, depending partially on how many professional staff they employ, but Journeys’ fees are lower than many because we believe it’s important to provide excellent services as affordable as possible.

What you are paying for

  • Initial screenings

  • Background checks on the surrogate and partner (if applicable).

  • Facilitates meetings for the match

  • Surrogate psychological assessments and counseling

  • Draft legal contracts

  • Facilitate communication between all parties

  • Escrow fund management

  • Perhaps our most important role is to assist with any concerns or issues that arise during the process between the surrogate and the intended parents





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